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The league and players association announced that players will be allowed to use nicknames on the back of alternate jersey designs, which were inspired by youth-league uniforms. cheap nba jerseys.The players’ hats and socks will also be specially designed for the event.

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“The journey from youth leagues to Major League Baseball is one that players don’t take alone,” MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said. “Major League players have been supported by family members, coaches and organizations that helped them develop their unique skills and overcome challenges to reach the highest level of the mlb jerseys. These games will allow the players to thank those who were important in their lives while showcasing their personality in a fun way that fits baseball’s community-driven focus.”You’ll notice that many of the teams have the same jersey as previous years — although there are some significant changes in teams like the 76ers, the Pacers, and a few others. However, they’re all Nike branded now, and some include subtle tweaks beyond that.The players also debuted hooded warmup jackets, a first for the NBA. cheap nfl jerseys china.More interesting was Nike’s new NBA Connected Jersey, which fans can buy. It features an NFC chip, and when you download a Nike app, it’ll unlock exclusive content for that player. Here’s how Nike describers it in their press release.

By now, you’ve probably heard that the NBA’s jerseys for the 2017-18 season are in for some major changes. cheap football jerseys.Nike has taken over the league’s uniform deal from Adidas, many teams have sponsors on their jerseys, and some franchises are ushering in bold new looks.As part of Nike’s revamp, teams will also no longer have home and away jerseys, but instead “Association” and “Icon” editions to choose from. There will be four different jerseys for each team, with the other two editions to be revealed in the fall. custom basketball jerseys.The Nike Swoosh will feature on the jerseys of every team except the Hornets, who will instead have the Jordan Brand Jumpman logo (given, of course, their ownership).Teams have been rolling out their new looks throughout the summer. Here are all the ones we’ve seen so far.

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